Twenty something.
Romani. History. Cypress Trees. Music. Clothes. Nature. Bob Dylan. Art. Feminism. People. Tom Waits. Barefoot. Mood Rings. Books. Herbs. Records. Travel. Makeup. Rocking Chairs. Spaghetti. Tree Bark. Harold & Maude. Cats. Old Suitcases. Fleet Foxes. Minty Blue. The Virgin Suicides. Communes. Boots. Fiona Apple. Flannel. Smoking. Almost Famous. Cattails. Old Photographs. The Beatles. Body Hair. Dresses. Flowers. The Ballad of Jack and Rose. Old Furniture. Swamps. Budapest. Gardens. 20th Century. Nail Polish. Simon & Garfunkel. Aliens. Grateful Dead. Mermaids. Plants. Writing. Freaks and Geeks. Black. Poppies. Kitchens. Beards. Michigan.

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